R.Time 1.0

Three solutions to keep your PDA clock accurate


  • Quick way of synchronising time
  • Manual entry available


  • Two of the synching options leave room for error


The good old fashioned watch no longer enjoys the popularity it once had and I'm noticing I'm seeing fewer and fewer timepieces strapped to people's wrists these days.

Perhaps one of the main reasons for this is that folk now tend to use their mobile phone or PDA as their means of telling the time when on the move.

This being the case, it's important that you keep the clock on your device running accurately, else that old lady who always asks you the time on the bus stop will soon grow to despise you.

Using R. Time to keep your Palm's internal clock on time is a very simple solution. The program offers three ways of maintaining accuracy.

The first is by synchronising your device with your PC clock, the second is by hooking up to another Palm via Bluetooth or Infrared, and the other option is to connect up to a NTP server via the Internet.

Each of these options can be accessed with a single click when the app is launched, but my main problem with R. Time is that only the final option here is guaranteed to maintain the correct time.

After all, the time on your PC clock or on another PDA could very well be wrong, so you still have to check these are right before you go ahead.

Nevertheless, if you want to bring your Palm in line with your PC Clock or with an atomic time server online, the program offers a very quick solution.

R. Time is a simple application designed to keep your Palm clock running on time. It features three different ways of synchronising your device with your PC clock or to an NTP server on the Internet to ensure that the time it displays is precise.



R.Time 1.0

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